Software Platform

BIM Applications

Autodesk AEC Collection is a comprehensive suite of software tools essential for building design, infrastructure design & all other construction processes covering AutoCAD, Revit, Civil 3D and various other software licenses allowing you to design, build & manage better

Edgewise Modelling Tools allow you to reduce up to 80% of modelling time in structure, MEP & as-built BIM significantly with full Revit integration

Verity offers intelligent tools to allow you to conduct verification & enable accurate as-built BIM Models, reduce costly reworks

Project Life Cycle Management
(Common Data Environment)

A cloud-based project collaboration tools which provide a comprehensive solution for construction project management and delivery. Aconex software shares data and processes throughout the project life cycle, easily transitioning during new phases and handovers

Vault is a data management software tool which helps designers/engineers organize desogn data, manage documentation, track verions to build a more efficient development process

BIM 360 is a cloud based unified platform that connects your project data in real-time from design through construction, supporting informed decision-making and leading to more predictable and profitable outcomes.

Previously, the process of loading the as-built information into Maximo, your maintenance system is costly, time consuming, and may introduce errors.

Now with the launch of Maximo for BIM Integration Package, automatic loading of the data in the BIM model into Maximo is just at your fingertips. Once the data is imported, this package provides 3D visualization of the full building model in context with the imported data.  The data, with any changes made during operations may be exported to update the model for a renovation project, or for use in other tools.

Site Operations Management

An integrated platform enabling access to all devices helping you digitise all site processes managing Quality, Safety, Activity, Workforce, Maintenance and more on site

Site Data Management

A web-based platform offering GIS/BIM integration tools for 3D visualisation & stakeholder communciation in early construction phase

Site Data Management System is a highly robust web-based platform offfering 5 core modules to manage major site data during the construction phase

Asset Management System (AMS)
Track inventory of asset/equipment in real time to facilitate better security management

Deformation Management System (DMS)
Provide collaborative overview on all deformation monitoring data enabling visilibility on any risks & preventive remedial actions

Form Management System (FMS)
eForm solution offering centralised platform to manage all forms, inspection records & data in daily operations

Photograph Management System (PMS)
Store, track & retreive thousands of site photographs by date, time, place for more efficient reporting on site progress

Reclamation Deformation Data Management (RDMS)
An enhanced version of DMS to offer specifc tools & capacity to monitor the enormous deformation data during & after the land reclamation

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