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As contractors regardless of your scale, you are facing major challenges in meeting with the complex project needs & requirements :

How to meet with Government’s mandate in the use of BIM with optimised investment & ROI ?

How to select the right tools & platforms to help you digitise workflows and improve efficiency in site operations ?

How to execute & deploy the right technology to improve the construction processes – monitoring pre-fabraication operations, making more faster & accurate as-built BIMs, conducting analysis & verification for quality control , monitoring major site data & info for reclamation & deformation

Learn more about how to digitise your site operations & increase productivity using Novade Platform Solutions

Improve quality management through Novade Quality
Conduct more efficient safety management through Novade Safety

Collaborate with your project members on Oracle Aconex cloud based platform to monitor full progress and performance tracking holistically with integrated cost, schedule and project information across your entire portfolio.