Spatial Technology provides Construction Data Management Portal (CDMP), an integrated digital platform allowing all site stakeholders to visualize project designs and conduct real time site progress in a 3D web-GIS environment.

This centralised portal can intelligently integrate various information systems including, BIM/CDE, GIS, IoT, CCTV, AI, EDMS, and DWSS systems. Real-time data are overlaid in dashboards enabling smart site management and facilitating timely decision making to enhance safety, quality and progress management.

A configurable dashboard module is available for the system administrators to overlay multiple sources of information in a single dashboard for different stakeholders. Multiple users can access the dashboards concurrently according to their assigned roles and responsibilities.

Smart Site Safety Management with integration of AI/IoT

All AI sensors/IoTs could be integrated via API to execute major site safety functions including moving crane, falling objects, fire/smoke detection, prohibited objects, intrusion detection, etc. Special alert system can be established to allow instant notification to project stakeholders. Overall safety issues could be tracked in dashboards which offers best insights to management to conduct preventive actions

Integration with Site Data Systems for Enhanced Project Efficiency & Productivity

connect DWSS system to display key metrics & site construction progress with the BIM model

connect EDMS to search and display selected project document

BIM/GIS/Mesh Integration for Effective Control & Resources Planning

Overall site condition & construction progress can be visualized so as to devise any change of site plan

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