Customer Success Story - Chun Wo Construction

Customer Challenge

Chun Wo is one of the leading main contractors in Hong Kong with over 54 years of experience.  The core of their business are construction and property development with the professional capability to undertake large integrated projects.

Having embraced BIM technology for more than a decade, Chun Wo used to adopt hybrid modelling techniques in BIM implementation managed by both in-house BIM team and outsourced service providers as to maintain a good balance of quality and efficiency in their outputs.  

Working on increasingly complex civil projects involving interactions with multiple stakeholders at different levels & disciplines in using BIM modelling, made them aware of the pain points - how to establish a secure project-based CDE to conduct real-time design collaboration, issue tracking, exchange project documents effectively & efficiently and ultimately improve construction management.    

In 2018 when Chun Wo was awarded the SENT Landfill Extension Project by Environmental Protection Department and to this date in various projects across Hong Kong, Chun Wo found the necessity of the proper sourcing and use of sophisticated unified platforms to address site construction issues, like BIM360. 


Project Goals

After understanding the project team’s critical project requirements, the following project goals were defined:- 

Establish a cloud based Project CDE to connect key stakeholders to co-author & coordinate in BIM design, conduct clash analysis, programme the design works and consolidate issues;

Utilize the centralised platform of Document Management, enabling the streamlining of records and prompt field access of information & publish documents, e.g. drawings anytime from PC to mobile devices across the project life cycle



Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro was recommended to Chun Wo as the project-based CDE to store and manage all project data generated in Civil 3D to improve efficiency, facilitate design data exchange & submittals, conduct automated clash detection and centralised issue management. 

Meanwhile,  BIM 360 Build was deployed to provide complete toolsets for the field to  access data online/offline, view BIM model & sheets, and complete all field workflows & tasks smoothly from remote or mobile devices.


Business Outcome

With Autodesk Construction Cloud platform in place,  the SENT Landfill Extension Project was smoothly executed with significantly increased efficiency in document control, BIM model design reviews/edits and collaboration. Constructability issues was well addressed  avoiding mis-alignment and thus reduced reworks, saving time & costs.  Field team was able to track issues instantly to make timely interventions. As data was captured real time in dashboards, the project team were able to enhance their understanding on the project’s progress and ensure the project milestones were delivered according to target schedules. 



Chun Wo embraces the core value of “Collaboration” with vision that they deliver results through good teamwork and technology.  Having established BIM Collaborate Pro & Build as the common data environment & unified platform for its projects, Chun Wo manages to achieve higher project efficiency, effective collaboration with project stakeholders and generate maximised customer satisfaction.