Using AI to predict accidents on construction sites
Can site accidents be predicted & prevented before their occurrence ?  Are there early indicators of danger which are unnoticed amidst the daily tasks ? How can we leverage with AI machine learning model to gain such important insights & predict accidents ? 
You are invited to read this article which highlights how Novade has been collaborating with Tiong Seng, the 2nd largest contractor in Singapore & process the collected safety data based on AI model to predict accidents 
Why e-Permit to Works is your critical Must do First Step in Site Digitalisation?
Enhancing Construction Safety by Implementing Smart Site Safety System (SSSS) – a recommended recipe with some dos & don’ts

Smart Site Safety System (SSSS), the latest site digitalisation initiative driven by the Development Bureau, has been the laser-focused topic amongst construction practitioners. The follow article will attempt to provide a basic framework and guideline for customers who are planning SSSS implementation. Some recommended do-s & don’t-s are offered based upon the author’s recent solid project experiences.

Digital Works Supervision System (DWSS) Enhancement – Another Major Leap towards the Construction 2.0 Vision

In light of the latest DWSS 2.0 TC with new enhancement coupled with the new SSSS mandate, industry practitioners are recommended to revisit how to achieve sustainable smart site management. The following article will share some major observations and insights on this

Top 10 reasons why you need a digital Permit to Work system (ePTW)

In this article, we look at the top 10 reasons why you need a digital construction platform to digitise your permits to work (PTWs) form. Why are digital Permit to Work systems (ePTWs) essential as part of the risk assessment process? To answer that, let us take a step back and look at what is a PTW and its processes.

Digital Daily Site Diary: A Modern Approach to Construction Record Keeping

Digital diaries offer several advantages over their traditional counterparts, such as improved accuracy, efficiency, and collaboration. Read more about how you could benefit from implementing digital daily site diary.

Why Inspection and Test Plans (ITPs) are critical for your construction business

Digitised construction ITP solutions is essential to construction business, It helps to manage quality controls, compliance, and assurance. Read the ariticle to learn more about Novade's ITP